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Junk Removal in Wintergreen VA

Wintergreen VA Junk Removal Specialists

Look no further for a junk removal company that will service your home in Nelson County’s Wintergreen VA. Yee Haul is experienced in traversing the mountain safely and navigating the steep and curvy driveways often found there. We enjoy the beautiful scenery the town has to offer and always look forward to servicing the area.

As many of the homes in Wintergreen are vacation homes, new owners are often left with the old furniture from the previous owners. That’s where we come in. We get that old furniture out of there for you so you have a blank slate to work with.

We also know that many homeowners in Wintergreen enjoy up to date remodeling and may have some construction debris needing removed. No matter the project, let us know and we can take care of it for you.

Give us a call or email today and let us know about your project!

Constructio debris removed from Wintergreen VA - AFTER Photo
Before photo of construction waste removal in Wintergreen VA
Construction debris from remodel in Wintergreen

Due to the remote location and wear and tear on our trucks we do have a $400 minimum for this area.

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