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We are a junk and waste removal company that is locally-owned and operated in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our passion is to enhance the beauty of our community and make it a more livable place. At our core, we value hard work, integrity, and flexibility, and we are committed to providing exceptional junk removal services to our esteemed clients. We understand that decluttering and disposing of unwanted items can be an arduous and stressful task, which is why our mission is to alleviate your burden and leave you feeling revitalized and unencumbered. Our goal is to help make Lynchburg a cleaner, more organized, and stress-free place to call home. Come, join us in this journey.

A Cleaner Lynchburg

The founder, Michael had always been passionate about the environment and keeping his community clean. Growing up in Lynchburg, Virginia, he witnessed firsthand how littering and improper waste management could negatively impact the beauty of his hometown. As he got older, Michael became increasingly concerned about the impact of waste on the environment and the health and safety of his community.

Driven by his passion for environmental sustainability and community service, Michael decided to start a junk and waste removal company in Lynchburg, Virginia. He recognized that there was a need for a reliable and professional junk removal service that would help individuals and businesses get rid of unwanted items in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.

Experience You Can Trust

Michael's commitment to hard work, integrity, and flexibility guided him in all aspects of starting and running the business. He wanted to provide top-notch services to his clients and ensure that they had a stress-free experience. Michael understood that clearing out clutter and unwanted items could be an overwhelming and stressful experience, which is why he and his team made it their mission to take that burden off their clients' shoulders.

Michael's passion for environmental sustainability and community service, combined with his dedication to providing exceptional customer service, made his junk and waste removal company a huge success in Lynchburg, Virginia. Today, Michael's company is known for its professionalism, reliability, and eco-friendly practices, and it continues to make a positive impact on the local community.

Empowering those who wish to become self sufficient

As a homesteader himself, Michael has learned self sufficiency is a goal best achieved through cooperation with fellow community members. As an active member of the Central VA community we are excited to offer our “Homestead Solutions” services to those who may need these valuable materials at a reasonable price. With all these possible uses its not a bad idea to have some stockpiled even if you don't think you will use it right away. That is why we offer such large quantities in order to provide the best value for your hard earned dollars.

Michael has amassed a wealth of first-hand knowledge regarding these topics and the different uses for these valuable materials, so feel free to pick his brain when you meet him. He also makes regular blog posts expanding upon these topics regularly so be sure to stay subscribed to our newsletter as well.


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Your peace of mind is our priority, if you're not completely satisfied, neither are we. Our team is always eager to share their knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your oasis. Experience the difference of working with a professional lawn care company.

Our Vision

Our commitment to delivering exceptional service extends beyond your property and encompasses all aspects of our interaction with you. Whether you're reaching out to our team with questions regarding your service or recommending us to a friend, we provide the best customer service experience to all of our valued clients.

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