Homestead Solutions

Enriching Your Land

Looking for a reliable partner to help with your homesteading needs? Yee Haul has got you covered! In addition to our top-notch junk and waste removal services, we also offer convenient delivery of mulch, compost, and sawdust straight to your doorstep, so you can focus on growing your farm and let us handle the rest.

Farmhand Services

The crew at Yee Haul is experienced with all kinds of work that goes into creating and maintaining a homestead. We've got all kinds of tools readily available such as a reciprocating saw, angle grinder, drill, nailers, 16,000 lb winch (additional charges may apply), sledge hammers, shovels, rakes, and more!

Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who know how to think outside of the box when presented with obstacles. We are always on time and stay focused on the task at hand.

For a one-man team, our rate is $65/hour.

For a team of two, our rate is $120/hour.

We have a 3 hour minimum for all farmhand services.

Mulch Delivery

15 cubic yards of Oak or poplar mulch, delivered and dumped, starting at $350.

Mulch works great for any garden to maintain moisture and keep out pesky weeds. Perfect for areas where it's impractical to have grass with lots of foot traffic, like between garden beds!

Many farmers and homesteaders use mulch in chicken runs and coops in place of straw.

Yee Haul will help to spread the mulch for an additional $65 an hour per person (no minimum with mulch delivery).

Sawdust Delivery

15 cubic yards of oak and poplar sawdust, delivered and dumped, starting at $200.

Sawdust is incredibly versatile on the farm! It provides excellent bedding for horses and other animals, and can be used to grow wood-loving species of mushrooms!

You can also use it to increase traction in walkways, soak up spills and dry old paint cans.

We NEVER treat our sawdust with chemicals.

Compost Delivery

7 cubic yards of compost, delivered and dumped, starting at $250.

Supercharge your garden by adding a compost rich in organic matter made from fully decomposed wood products. You can till it in or add some to the top of your garden bed to get your plants the nutrients they need.

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